Welcome to the N1MMLoggerPlus user group at groups.io .
The purpose of this group is to serve as the main support channel and discussion group for the N1MM Logger+ amateur radio contest logging program.
N1MM Logger+ (aka N1MM+) is free contesting software that supports virtually all amateur radio contests. If a contest is not supported now, it can usually be added using the Logger's "user-defined contest" feature. N1MM+ is not a general-purpose logger; there is no support for chasing awards like DXCC and WAS, and there are no QSL management features. For those functions, you should be using a general logging program. You can export contest logs from N1MM+ in ADIF format and import them into almost any general logging program for tracking awards and generating QSLs.
You need to join the group in order to post messages. The first posting from a new user must be approved by the moderators. Include your callsign in requests to join. Be proud of your callsign and put it in every post.
Don't spam. This is not a list for posting items for sale, for announcing contests or events, for discussing amateur politics or for other off topic posts. It is also not the place for personal attacks. Repeated or egregious violations will result in loss of posting privileges.
If the volume of email from the group is too much, you can set your delivery to digests or no email, by signing in to the groups.io web site and selecting "Your Groups > Manage My Subscriptions". You can also change your account preferences by clicking on your account name at the top right. You can change your email address or add an email alias address from the same place.
You can view messages on the web site either in chronological order or by topic. Attachments are not conveyed in messages, but the web site also has a Files area to which files and screen shots may be uploaded. 
Try to make the subject line of your postings meaningful and descriptive. If you are starting a new topic, don't post it as a follow-up to a different thread; start a new thread with a title appropriate to the new topic. Titles such as "N1MM+" or "Bug report" do not make the grade; they give the reader inadequate indication of the contents, and they result in discussions on different topics being combined into a single thread.
When reporting a problem with N1MM+, make sure that you can reproduce it using the current (latest) version of the program. We don't support any but the latest version. Please be specific when describing a problem. Be sure to indicate the mode (CW, SSB, RTTY, etc.), the method you use for interfacing (keying interface, sound card interface, etc.), the contest, the radio type and how it is connected to the computer, and information about your computer and its operating system. If there is an error message, quote its contents; just saying you got an error message without any other identifying information is not likely to get you a helpful response.
If you are using port sharing software (LP-Bridge, VSPE, etc.), try to reproduce the problem without it first. We don't support port sharing software, but you are welcome to ask the group for advice about using it with N1MM+.
Read all the posts in a topic before posting a response. If a post already says what you were going to say, don't clutter up the list with a "me too" post. When posting a response, it is a good idea to include just enough of the previous discussion to identify the context, and no more. There is no need to quote the entire past history of the thread in every response.
After posting a problem, check back for responses. It is rude to post a problem then disappear. Likewise, please do not ask for off-list responses. If your post was important enough to ask 3,500 people to read it, you owe it to them to let them see the responses. If the responses solve your problem, let the group know how your problem was solved; that may help someone else down the road.
Please do not think of this group as only a place for you to get answers to your problems, but also as a place where you can help others with their problems. If someone else has a problem hat you know how to fix, feel free to respond and provide the solution. The success of the group  depends on more than just responses from the N1MM development team. However, when you do not know the answer, don't waste everybody's time with meaningless responses like "gee, that's a tough one. I have no idea."
Above all, think before posting. You are going before 3,500 people with your posting. If you want help, demonstrate your willingness to do your part of the work. Be polite.
The N1MM Logger+ Development Team

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