A private group for Wardsies and Gonkies residents. (You must reside on the island to be a member. If you are not living on the island anymore, or are leaving for a period of more than a year, please contact the moderator to be removed from the group.)
To join this group, send an email to and CC:   In the body of the email, you must put your first and last name, and your island address.
Please ensure that your messages are safe for kids. When composing your comments, consider that they may be quoted by someone else.  It is important for our community to feel as though there can be a free exchange of ideas, including difference of opinion. However flames, insults, personal attacks and prejudice toward individuals or groups will not be tolerated. This includes racist, sexist, ableist, ageist, homophobic or transphobic slurs and language. 
When posting to the group, you must include your name and address at the end of every posting.  Member messages are posted without moderation (i.e. the moderator does not see or filter messages before they are posted). However, violations may result in revoked posting privileges or removal from the group.
Ferry updates get made on the Ferry Update group, NOT this email group.  If you want to be aware of changes to the ferry schedule, please email to and CC: to subscribe.   

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