QSO Today

G4UDU Phil

Good Morning

This morning I checked into the 80m net

My callsign:-      G3WOR/R.  Operator CT1/G4UDU

So I was using the Worthing Radio Club Flex Radio located in the centre of Worthing remotely from Portugal

In fact VERY RURAL Portugal !  If you look at the map where the word Portugal is and go west to the coast - that is where we are at "Sao Pedro de Moel"

I managed about 15 minutes before the WiFi dropped out on my end - it has since recovered but took half an hour to do so !

Remote radio is great but you are at the mercy of an internet connection.

I will be on either 15m at lunchtime - remote or possibly direct and maybe next Sunday on 80m

73 Phil CT1/G4UDU