Modern Nixie Tubes

M0WVE Merv

Hi Folks,
The subject of Nixie Tube Clocks was brought up on the 20m Lunchtime net today so I thought you may be interested to know they are still being made and used.  

Follow the links for more detail, and worth looking at their online shop pictures.

The award-winning Bad Dog Designs workshops are located inside a small factory unit on a farm in Pillaton, Staffordshire, England, where I create unique and individual clocks from vintage Nixie tubes, hand-crafted tubes, and other unique pieces of equipment that I discover on my travels or have lurking in the workshop (feel free to take a virtual tour  around the workshop to see if anything catches your fancy - just click on the starting points tab at the top).

Nixie tubes were popular in the 1950s and 1960s and they were used in many electronic gadgets of the time, from petrol pumps to military equipment. Long since out of production, each of my clocks clock is constructed from salvaged tubes or from uncovered old stock that was lost in warehouses. In rare cases, I use new custom-made tubes that are handcrafted for me by master craftsman Dalibor Farny in the Czech Republic

Nixie tubes have a distinctive orange glow and real depth of movement as each digit is stacked behind the other within the tube. Every clock is handmade and is more a piece of art than a timepiece.By their very nature, these devices are individually constructed from original vintage items and/or recycled equipment.Inside, however, the latest microprocessor technology from PV Electronics is used to drive these long-forgotten components

Merv - M0WVE