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Attending our events helps to rack-up those CPD hours and increase your knowledge. Please see below what we have organised for you.
European approach to arc flash risk management - new resources
Date: 10 January 2022
Time: 6pm GMT
Mike Frain will present newly available resources for the management of the arc flash hazard based upon a European style of risk assessment. This is a must attend event for electrical engineers, duty holders, designers, consultants, contractors, and health & safety specialists. Mike will speak about the recently released IET fact file “Arc Flash Risk Management”, his new book the “European Arc Flash Guide” and give a walk though of online resources on the subject and how other standards and guidance can be applied in a European style risk-based model.
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Antennas in laptops, tablets and foldable devices
Date: 11 January 2022
Time: 7pm GMT
Now as lead antenna architect and Senior Director of Antenna Design for Microsoft in the Redmond Campus, Seattle WA, USA , Marc Harper's antenna designs have been reproduced as more than 500 million (W-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS etc) antennas in laptop computers, Xbox and other computer accessories.
Marc will let us know how this has been achieved. 
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Is graphene the new Silicon? The electronic properties of graphene
Date: 13 January 2022
Time: 7pm GMT
Dr Leonid Ponomarenko will cover a brief history of graphene and how it was isolated for the first time. He will demonstrate how to obtain graphene using Scotch tape and explain some basic electronic properties of this material and how it could be used in electronic devices. He will show how graphene research has lead to discovery of other 2D materials and how they could be combined to make devices with new functionalities.
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Have radio-frequency particle accelerators reached the end of the road?
11 January 2022 11am GMT

Future home heating
12 January 2022 6.30pm GMT

ICMS 3 – a world first for cost and carbon management
12 January 2022 11am GMT

Integration of electrical powertrains in heavy military vehicles
18 January 2022 7pm GMT

Sir Frank Whittle early jet engines
19 January 2022 6.30pm GMT

Will solid state battery powered electric vehicles go further, drive safely and charge faster?
19 January 2022 7.30pm GMT

Routes to professional registration
20 January 2022 6pm GMT

Heat pump choices
20 January 2022 6.30pm GMT

Introduction to railway signalling
24 January 2022 6pm GMT

From idea to scaleup: Tackling fundraising, team building & financial modelling to successfully commercialise engineering innovations
26 January 2022 5.30pm GMT

26 January 2022 6.30pm GMT

A case study for smart community energy adoption in North Wales
Date: 27 January 2022 7pm GMT
Once explorers, always explorers - ESA's space science and exploration missions
1 February 2022 7pm GMT

The challenge of delivering a charging network for the vehicles of tomorrow
9 February 2022 6.30pm GMT

Looking at the road ahead reduces NOx and soot simultaneously and improves the fuel economy of cars
15 February 2022 7pm GMT

Addressing the data problem with frugal machine learning
15 February 2022 7pm GMT

FPGAs; the answer looking for a problem
Date: 16 February 2022 7.30pm GMT

5G at sea
16 February 2022 7.30pm GMT

Crash safety of electric vehicles
24 February 2022 12pm GMT

Action on packaging: How the Co-op made all its own brand packaging recyclable
24 February 2022 6.30pm GMT

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