Gold Plated Hens teeth

G4UDU Phil

I am helping clear some radio equipment for a silent key sale

This is one of more to come

Now this is something I'm pretty sure you will not see again in a long time even if you have ever seen one !

This is a true spy radio as used by the SAS and the serial number on it is down to the allocated number for that Particular regiment, the only other users were the diplomatic wireless service.

A MK 123.  Complete with some accessories and the 12V inverter PSU and user plus service manuals.

It will require servicing, but if you would like to be the owner of something very rare.

If anyone is interested - and this will have to be a significant sum

Get in contact with me - last one on EBay over 2 years ago - not sure of condition sold for around £2000 and that’s was WITHOUT the inverter.

Phil G4UDU