Cyprus Hall meetings

G6DGK Gavin

Dear Stella/committee members,

Thank you for the notice about the forthcoming junk sale on the 22nd. October and I hope to attend accompanied by my old friend - Jim Hylton.

I have heard today that the hall in Worthing where the Worthing Radio Club(WADARC) meets has implemented a rule that only those who have been double vaccinated may enter these premises.

I believe that this hall is like Cyprus Hall ,publicly owned, and I personally feel that this is a sensible move to offer as much protection as practicable to users of the hall who have received both doses of the vaccine.

I am not aware if Cyprus Hall has introduced similar precautions or not but I really feel that MSARS as a responsible Society, ought to request that any of our members who have not been double vaccinated should not attend the Friday evening meetings until they have received both vaccinations and strongly recommend this to our committee.

Please will you pass this suggestion to all MSARS committee members and request that serious consideration be given to the proposal, as a matter of urgency.

Many thanks and with kind regards, 73,

Gavin Keegan (G6DGK)