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M0XYF Berni

Hi folks.

I hinted at this a couple of weeks ago, but have only just got around to finishing the mini-tutorial. Apologies for that.

Both the website and the tutorial are now ready to receive your attention, so please have a look if this is something that interests you.

You can read the tutorial here:

There is loads of content I would like to get up on the website - including things that several members have already offered up as potential articles. If you don't want to post them yourself, then please email them to me and I'll load them up for you.

On a different note, I was rummaging around on t'Internet the other day, and I happened across a local company called  RF Solutions. Now, please forgive me if you all know about this place, but it was news to me so I thought I'd mention it. It's based in Burgess Hill, located just opposite T L Carr near the Premier Inn, and they have loads of reasonably priced radio gear, including LORA modules, WiFi components, a GPS receiver module for £2.50, and loads of 433MHz hardware like an AM transmitter module for £2.43 and several superhet receiver modules for around a fiver. You can collect too, free of charge. Like I said, you probably already know, or your mum works there or something...

I have no connection or affiliation with this company. Just thought it might be of interest.

Berni M0XYF