Communications via the aurora

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Here's a brief on my presentation on 12th November for the web site and other publicity.

Communication via the aurora


Communication by radio amateurs via the aurora borealis (and indeed via the aurora australis in the southern hemisphere) can only be described as sporadic. Like Sporadic E, it’s a mechanism supported when several atmospheric and geomagnetic effects align. And it occurs in the thermosphere, around 110km up. But just because there’s a visible light show does not mean radio propagation will be supported. So why, and how often, do radio auroras occur? Can I participate south of the border? What do I have to do to exploit them? How will I know if there’s an aurora in progress? How can I design my station to maximise both chances and DX outcome? And how can I predict when a radio aurora is going to happen? John will cover the full science and practice of communications via radio auroras.




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