M0XYF Berni

OK, thanks. I just wanted to check that you meant the website.

I've written this reply not just to you Tony, as I know you understand this, but for everyone else's benefit.

There is a massive storage limit on - I believe that it's 1 Gigabyte, and that's only for attachments and databases (there is no limit on message content itself at all) - and so there is no physical problem in terms of storage space. structures message presentation in reverse chronological order, so the latest and most relevant 'posts' or messages are at the top and easy to find. I understand that people might find the older messages a bit of a distraction and even untidy, but it's just how works.

Here's why I would desperately like for all the messages posted on our account to remain in place indefinitely.

We're all encouraged to keep our email storage managed and in check, but this is very different. Search engines LOVE this stuff! SEO 'Search Engine Optimisation' is the first thing I think about when building web stuff, not real people.

It's not only humans that look at websites. It's search engine robots, and these are massively important to us.

Imagine a corner shop and a national supermarket chain. Search using Google for 'chopped tomatoes bargain', or 'value toilet rolls Burgess Hill' or whatever. It will come back with search results for Tesco or one of the other big supermarkets every time. Bob's corner shop is nowhere to be found. Same with amateur radio clubs or anything else you can think of. The trick is to out-SEO the bigger players. Make your corner shop look like a supermarket - at least to Google. That's what I'm going to do with the MSARS website. Tesco might spend hundreds of thousands of pounds a year on SEO, but I work for free!

Having an off-site resource like with a keyword-rich high-relevance data reference is gold dust in the SEO fight - and it is a fight. I also plan to inject chat directly onto the MSARS website front page via RSS to gain maximum advantage in terms of SEO. Actual people might also find it interesting!

Why the focus on SEO? It's like the old saying about looking after the pennies. SEO in itself is useless, but in turn it will bring interest from people interested in radio, and that's really what we want.

So PLEASE can everybody leave their posts on, and post even more stuff if you can. It will help MSARS grow and thrive.


Berni M0XYF

P.S. Can I remind those members that offered me photos and other content for the website to forward them to me as soon as you can, as I'm finalising the website for a launch hopefully next week.


On 17/02/2021 10:24, G3XQM Tony wrote:
H Berni,

There are currently 43 Msars emails on the website most of which seem to be stagnant. Thought it would be good for a clean up - that's all.   

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Hi Tony.

Which website do you mean?

Do you mind me asking why you're asking?


Berni M0XYF

On 16/02/2021 19:13, G3XQM Tony wrote:
Dear Members,

To make space on this website, please delete any items that you feel have expired.

Kind regards

Tony G3XQM