Windows 11 Pro £79.99

M7VJE Chris

Thanks Mike for the information
It is indeed a very good offer but unfortunately Windows 11 Pro may not run on the shack computer.
It would be a shame to waste money on something that doesnt work.
I have installed Windows 10 on it and it seems to run very well. I am also upgrading the Memory(RAM)
from 3gb to 8gb which will help with the overall speed.
I will try Windows 11 which has been known to work on older computers with with workarounds.
It can be installed for free due to the fact of already having a working Windows 10 installation
on the computer.

G1TDL Mike

Don’t know if this is of interest to members or the club. Offer expires 16 August.

/\/\ike G1tdl
The Homestead
Burgess Hill
RH15 0RQ