SDR and WebSDR Demonstration

M0XYF Berni

In support of Phil G4UDU and his demonstration of some Flex Systems radio hardware and software, I'll be bringing along a laptop to demonstrate the principle of WebSDR's for those who are unfamiliar with this technology. This is browser-based software-only (from the end-user's perspective) remote-access radio.

I'll also be bringing along my SDRPlay SDR receiver, which is software AND hardware for people to look at. I believe that Chris M7VJE will also be bringing his laptop and Pi-Star DMR digital voice hotspot. All of this technology is suitable for future MSARS shack implementation, and I believe that the club should potentially be looking to acquire all of this technology.

I'm not sure if we'll be able to demonstrate all of this working, as I don't know what connectivity etc. we'll have at the shack, but we'll get something working somehow. I may well have to set my kit up in the car park, but we'll see.

In the meantime, I would encourage everyone to read my latest discussion article in the members section of the website here: Google Performance, and Why We Need our Own WebSDR (

There is also an article on the current shack cleanup here: If you've not been into the Club Shack for a while... (

Other than that, I've been working on a significant website migration from Joomla v3.x to v4.x, and it's been a heap of work. I've just about finished now, and I'm in the final stages of testing everything in every browser I can to see if it all holds up, so that I can switch over in the next few days.

Just for you, here's a sneak preview:

Right, see you at tomorrow's Club Night.

It will also be interesting to hear what was discussed at the committee meeting which is happening this evening (Thursday). I look forward to receiving a summary of the minutes from that too, which I'll also be posting on the members section of the website.

Exciting times!


Berni M0XYF