URGENT WARNING - Ken Gibson email scam.

M0TOT Alex

Thank you Berni for the information and warning.

M0XYF Berni

Please read this entire communication.

Ken Gibson's email and/or computer has been hacked, and malicious scam emails are being sent from his email address, or similar looking email addresses. The scammers are asking for help to purchase Google Play gift cards for his niece. I was very tired when I read my email late last night and thought it was real, and so replied to 'Ken' to find out more. A follow up this morning from the scammers asked me to purchase three £100 gift 'scratch' cards and email the codes! That made me realise straight away that this wasn't right and I phoned Ken to alert him. He was already aware, so now I'm writing to let you all know and ensure no club member is caught out. I know other members have also received these emails. Ken has arranged for someone to come and fix his computer and email ASAP.

Stay safe!

Berni M0XYF