Zoom this evening

M0XYF Berni

Yes, Zoom meeting will be running tonight. Here's the link:

13th January @ 8:00PM

MSARS Wednesday Night GB3HY Net

Meeting ID: 880 763 6403

Password: 2NV3ub


Copied to members@... as well. That mailing list is incomplete/incorrect as everybody knows (I know my own email address isn't on it!), but guess what? I now have access to edit that list as webmaster. That means that if you are a member of the club and you don't receive emails from members@..., then I can fix it at this end. Yes, you read that correctly. Send me your email address and I will personally check/add it. If you still don't receive email, then it's not the mailing lists' fault.

Once all the basic web re-work is done, I'll sort out something better that doesn't rely on some poor individual manually maintaining a list. If any members don't get this email, then please, if anyone who DOES and who knows who those members are (and has a valid email address for them) then please let me know what it is! I'm not going to re-open the debate on the mailing list though - its days are numbered.

I'll run the Zoom meetings whenever I can, but I'm pretty busy at the moment and can't always find the time. I can't send out reminders each time either I'm afraid.

Phil, it would be great to have access to your unlimited Zoom account, but as you don't have reliable HY reception, it would rely on both of us being on every meeting and the meeting link would vary each time we swapped, so not sure the benefits outweigh the complexities. Any thoughts? The original reason for running the Zoom meetings was to provide access to the HY net for those that didn't have it. Maybe that's become less of a focus now?


Berni M0XYF

On 2021-01-13 14:31, G1TDL Mike wrote:
I think that members need reminding on the evening, including me,
together with the Zoom link.
Needs putting out temporarily to members@... as well for
those who haven’t yet linked to this group.
The Homestead
Burgess Hill
RH15 0RQ

On 13 Jan 2021, at 12:56, G4UDU Phil <pgodbold@...> wrote:
Are the Zoom meetings going to continue ?
I will be there if its going to be on - I can also start a meeting without time limit if required as I have a Zoom Account
Phil G4UDU