Cobweb Antenna RH-DX1020

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Date: 13 November 2020 at 22:51:30 GMT
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Subject: Cobweb Antenna RH-DX1020
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RH-DX1020 Portable Cobweb Antenna  

Restricted space spoiling your operating fun? 

RADIOHAUS RH-DX1020 Cobweb SpiderDXMan is the solution!!!

20, 17, 15, 12, 10 Meters full half-wave Cobweb Antenna is perfect for restricted space or portable operation. Fiberglass spreaders and nearly invisible wire elements (flat 9x9x1/2 feet square. 8 pounds), blend in with your surroundings while standing tough against nasty weather.

•Fiberglass supports
•Perfect for restricted areas or portable operation             
•QRP to 300 Watts 
•No radials needed
•Low SWR
•Works at low heights
•Fit on a mast or in a balcony!




Ready to ship to USA

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$ 249.99