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M0XYF Berni

Hi Sue!

Great to hear from you.

I'm sure everyone will be very interested to hear how you're getting on.

Berni M0XYF

On 04/01/2021 15:02, G6YPY Sue wrote:

Dear Bernie


I am glad to see that you have volunteered to take over from Tony who has done a brilliant job for many years


As some members already know I moved to France in December with the idea of exchanging accountancy for running a holiday let business.  Not ideal with Covid but it will give me time to sort the building out. I will in the next few weeks write a little about my adventure and how I coped with selling and buying in 2020. Not very radio based but thought it might interest a few of the members



My best wishes for a safe and healthy New Year to you all,


73 Sue G6YPY






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Sent: 04 January 2021 15:52
Subject: [Msars] Website and Newsletters


Hello everyone.

It seems my offer of managing the website and newsletters going forward has been accepted, and so things will be changing somewhat in the near future.

I offered to take on the role only if I could streamline the whole process, as it's just too onerous to manually handcraft every webpage and every newsletter. It's just not fair to ask one person to commit to all that effort.

I'm sure we would all like to thank Tony for what has been a marvellous contribution to the club for so many years. I'm not sure many of you realise just how many hundreds of hours he must have spent delivering your digital content over that time. He did look very relieved when I saw him this morning! Well done Tony, and happy webmaster retirement.


Change is a constant so they say, and there are now more efficient ways of working. What this means is basically two things:


Firstly, a redesign of the website. I'll be utilising either the Joomla or Wordpress platforms to host all the content. Not sure which yet. It depends on what our web host can best support.

It will mean me manually converting many of the articles on the current website over to the new platform. In this regard, I'll probably only copy the 'current' stuff, and just 'wrap' the historical stuff. It means the website will look very different, yet appear to contain the same content, albeit completely re-organised. Please note, that this is absolutely necessary to significantly reduce the amount of effort required to maintain the website in the future. I'm not looking for a new full-time job. I just want to give Tony a break and to do my bit for the club.

Secondly the newsletters will change. Rather than assembling the submissions I receive into monthly newsletters, I will post the individual articles as I receive them. That way you get your news faster, and it's way more manageable for me. I will manually post each newsletter article from any member who wishes to submit one, including the monthly copy from the likes of Ken and Russell. If they send them monthly, they'll be posted monthly. Hopefully we will also enjoy the continued flow of articles from the creative and innovative members who have submitted such interesting features in the past. News will become the focal point of the website, with static content taking more of a back seat.


I'll commit to performing this one-time setup and supporting the ongoing posting of news articles to the website for now. However, I would very much encourage you to submit your own articles directly to the website, and I will help and enable you to do that. I will be offering training to whoever needs it. I foresee my future role as simply supporting and extending the platform. The content, as ever, will be down to you!

Please contact me if you would like to have access to the new website and help create the next generation of MSARS online presence. There will be absolutely no expectation or pressure to contribute anything. There will be no possibility of you 'mucking it up'. Everything will be subsequently checked and moderated by me. If you can use Word, you can post an article online. Get to learn Joomla or Wordpress. The training will be available for free, and let's face it - what else are you going to be doing in Lockdown 3.0?


Berni M0XYF

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