Re: MSARS Newsletters

G4UDU Phil

The situation as I see it

1 Tony does a fantastic job doing the club Newsletter and running website

2. We have an equipment problem that needs sorting out

3. MSARS is NOT a savings bank and we have club funds available

4. Buy a new computer that is the “MSARS Newsletter & Website” PC

5. Don’t take to long making our minds up - get it done now !

What does the membership think ……………..

Phil G4UDU

On 28 Dec 2020, at 19:07, G3WYN Ken via <> wrote:

Some of you might have noticed that there are no MSARS Newsletters on our website now. This is because Tony Finch our excellent Editor has a problem with the computer he uses to edit and store the newsletters. Until his problem is resolved there will be no more newsletters , the December issue has already fallen by the wayside. Tony is asking for someone with tech knowledge to assist him. It may well be that he will need to replace the computer but this has yet to be decided.

Since we no longer have face to face meetings we are more reliant on members and many others both at home and overseas being able to read what is going on.

Who can help Tony? If YOU can, please email him on

Thanks. Ken

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