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G4UDU Phil

Morning Ray

You need a “Portable Deployment Kit” for times like that.

I have one that I can grab and go and get a signal from anywhere.

I will talk to you about it

73 Phil G4UDU

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I'm sorry, I missed that. I didn't think I could get a long enough inverted V in my cousin's garden. Anyway have a nice day tomorrow.


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Good evening Phil.
Hearing some of you.
De GJ6WRI Steve

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For some years now I have been running a 80 meter net on Christmas Eve at 9:30 in the evening - this used to be done by Chris G3NDJ but when he died several years ago I took on the task.

We used to get between 30 and 40 people checking in -  some only just to say seasons greetings others stayed throughout the evening often until its closing after midnight.

So if you would like to give me a call - I will be around 3.712 MHz  from 9:30 PM onwards until there are no further call ins

Hope to see you there

73 Phil G4UDU

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