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As a last resort you could borrow my yaesu FT-551a while yours goes away for a repair and I could get by with a walky talky for some of the nets. The only problem is the cw mode has failed completely now whereas it was intermittent for a while. Most people think the problem is me not reading the manual properly. If that is the problem I'm sure you could fix it or you could do what I do and use the telegraph key with the sounder.

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Wow! I only posted that request 10 minutes ago! You'd do what? My 3000 started to play up on Friday resulting in no drive and the need to factory reset from the front. having done that it did the same thing a couple of times more and the internal keyer failed to reset as part of the proceedure. After trying to make it wake up with much intervention from Phil G4UDU we came to the conclusion that we couldn't reset the internal keyer ourselves. So I spoke to Steve the head fixer at Martin Lynch who said he'd never seen that before but that since my 3000 was still in warranty I could send it in but he has a 3 week backlog of repairs. It did work today ( all but the keyer) but I'm not happy wondering when if its going to fail again.

So.. if you have a working Icom 753 I'd be glad to have it as a fall back. Does it have an internal keyer? What do we do now, can you email it to me!

Let me know how we can proceed and thank you for your so generous offer.


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