Re: Updated Shack Computer Program suggestions????

GJ6WRI Steve

Just an observation. I’ve recently done just on two oldish laptops, and the speed increase is very noticeable, longer battery life, and a marked decrease in board temperature. One point I’d like to make members aware of is don’t be taken in by cheap, relatively unknown brands…….like I did during Amazon Prime. Buying from Amazon, I assumed a genuine product, but I honestly think it was just a plastic case with a Sata connection. At Amazons recommendation, I spoke to a gentleman at the manufactures support team, who sounded like he hailed from VU or there abouts. I think my octogenarian mother was more savvy than he was….but but but but I could be wrong. Back to Amazon support and a refund was agreed without question, and I subsequently bought a WD drive. 
Hope that may help someone in the future. Stick to well known brands!

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Subject: [Msars] Updated Shack Computer Program suggestions????
Some of you may know I am updating the Shack Computer which involved installing a new SSD Hard Drive and memory.
So i'm now asking what programs you would like to see on there or you think would be useful.
Let me know and i will install them.

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