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G4UDU Phil


I have read the message from Russell and here are a few comments and ideas that maybe others would like to comment on.

First the idea of meetings every two weeks, we did try this at Worthing a few years ago and it sort of worked some of the time but often there was confusion as to which week the meeting was going to be on and generally the numbers at each meeting suffered because of it - all down to the confusion. But certainly give it a try it may work absolutely perfectly

An idea for the weeks when we are not at Cyprus Hall - we previously had zoom meetings together with a HY operation which again works in a reasonable fashion but still it's all a bit disjointed.

Zoom Meetings - other clubs are doing it I've even heard of a surplus equipment sale that was held over zoom with the items being shown and then everyone bidding remotely - so many things are possible. But I think the one thing that needs doing is the club needs to subscribe to Zoom. A MSARS Account would cost £120 a year and would enable meetings of any time length and not be constrained by the 40 minute rule of an unlicensed meeting.

It would be easy to enable at 7:45 every other Friday, there could also be screen sharing enabled so you can display what you've been up to either visually or showing a program such as data modes or antenna design or even pictures with places and events you've been doing/going to and show others on the zoom meeting.

The Zoom process can sometimes be chaotic - but the good old classroom rule of “Hold Your Hand Up” usually works and gets attention that you would like to get a word in !

So Comments please

Phil G4UDU

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