Meeting room safety

G4UDU Phil

I have been asked about the Covid safety measures that are in place at the Worthing club - some may consider them excessive - but they are safe

The meeting room there is owned and used by the sea cadets - so their principles set the rules, these are as follows:-

Due to the fact that the venue is currently used by un-vaccinated young people, the owners of the building insist on the following:

WADARC members only.
If you have any Covid 19 symptoms or have recently had a positive Covid 19 test – DO NOT attend the meeting.

You MUST have had both doses of a Covid 19 vaccine.
Masks WILL be worn before entering the building and kept in place until final exit. There is NO leeway on this rule.
Hands to be washed or sanitised when entering the building. Also recommended for exit.
A remote thermometer will be used at the entrance to check for possible Covid symptoms.
Door handles and other surfaces to be sanitised before and after use.

"Gatherings" to observe Social Distancing.

Where practicable, the back door may be left open to allow air flow and reduce the risk of Covid infection.

Club insurance is in place for member/member accident/injury. Covid 19 claims will NOT be considered.

Please note: The above rules have been made by the management of TSVanguard (Sea Cadets) and must be adhered to. They are not WADARC rules, although our committee thoroughly endorse them.
They are there for the protection of all people using the building.

Sorry folks, but no tea or biscuits will be served at this time, but hopefully this will change over time. Please bring your own refreshments for the time being.

Phil G4UDU

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