Re: Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Groups - CORRECTION

G6DGK Gavin

Dear Mervyn/All,

Some months ago I asked Russell to obtain the committee's agreement to delete the 'old' email system and move to a address because (1).  The old system did not work properly and, (2). the Worthing club, having also experienced group email problems, had also moved to a address and this worked well.

I did not know that the committee had decided to start two new email addresses and do not really understand why this was done - perhaps Russell can provide the answer.



On 21/10/2020 17:03, M0WVE Mervyn wrote:
That is true about the old email group but we now have two MSARS groups setup on The one Bernie setup for us during the summer and a new one that has just appeared

Both groups should work reliably now and I get email from both.

My point is why was a second setup recently which confuses things?


On 21 Oct 2020, at 14:44, G6DGK Gavin via <> wrote:

Dear Mervyn & All,

The 'old' email system did not work properly for some obscure reason - it was suspected that this might have been due to some members using talk talk as their internet provider, but this claim proved to be untrue. I suggested the move to the '' because the Worthing club had experienced similar problems to MSARS originally, but the move to '' seemed to cure these problems.

I don't know whether the MSARS intend to cancel the original group email or to run both systems at the same time - perhaps the Committee would advise all members of the future intention.



0 14:16, M0WVE Mervyn wrote:
Correction and

On 21 Oct 2020, at 14:15, M0WVE Mervyn <> wrote:
So we now have two Io groups on the go and Msars@groups.

I guess we must now post our emails to both groups until it is decided which one is to be deleted?

Still a confused Merv - M0WVE

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