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G8JBJ John

Happy to do one on auroral propagation. Or anomalous tropospheric propagation including ducting. Or even setting up a VHF station. 

NB, it would be as a webinar - since I'm in GM. But you could organise a projector and amp/speakers for those wanting to go to CP. Those not able to get there would link in as has now become normal.



John Berry

Mob. 07553 250 919
Willowburn, Kirkton, Hawick, Scottish Borders, TD9 8QJ

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Dear All

As a society we are asking if amung the members there are some of you that could come forward and give a short informal talk. The content of the talk could be anything from Radio to Flying, anything goes.

Please contact me via m6zrj@... 


Unofficial Programme Secretary 

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