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G1TDL Mike

Hi Chris, Yes, a letter box has been installed by the front door.

The Homestead
Burgess Hill
RH15 0RQ

On 5 Apr 2021, at 10:55, G4ZCS Chris via <> wrote:

Hi Bernie
Some time back we had a problem with incoming post.
It appeared that Cyprus Hall doesn’t have a letter box!
Worth checking to see if there is one now?


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Thanks to Adrian (I believe) for performing all those QRZ updates. Quite a few changes required there, but everything now looks great. I guess the physical mailing address for the club will be resolved once we finally have our AGM and the committee is elected, but the hall address is the only real option until that happens.

Apologies for the lack of Zoom meetings last week, I just had a lot of mundane stuff to catch up with. Normal service will be resumed this week. Hope you're all having a good Easter holiday!

Berni M0XYF

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