QRZ updates

M0XYF Berni

Just a quick thank you to whoever is responsible for updating the MSARS website links on the G5RV QRZ page (Adrian?)

I wonder if it would be possible to also update the couple of links on the other three callsign pages mentioned, GB0JAJ, G1ZMS and G3ZMS?


I'm starting to trawl the web for broken links to the MSARS website so I can fix them, and look for new opportunities to establish backlinks to raise the profile of the club and increase traffic to the website. I'll be sharing some stats on the website and its performance over time, but for now I'd just like to tell you that in March 2021 (to date), it was visited 1000 times by 550 unique visitors, who viewed 15000 individual pages in total. That is purely human traffic, not bots or crawlers. That's a pretty good baseline, but only THREE of those visits came about by people finding us on Google or Bing etc. That's what I'll be looking to improve over the next few months.

Finally, I know one or two members have their own websites and static pages out there, and would ask that they consider posting links to the MSARS website (or specific articles on it) and using some meaningful anchor text to help with our SEO. Even a link on social media would be useful.


Berni M0XYF

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