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Hi all.

Just watched back the Zoom recording from last evening, and thought I'd comment on the Groups.IO discussion. Mike M is the administrator for our Groups.IO group now, but I'm quite sure that it is NOT possible to communicate person to person privately using this platform, paid option or otherwise. It just doesn't do it. It's a collaborative tool, not a personal messaging system.

Russell was correct. You can send an email to the group and have it redistributed to the whole group. Additionally, WHEN YOU RECEIVE AN EMAIL via Groups.IO, you can either reply to the whole group, or REPLY TO SENDER only. That's all you get. You cannot initiate a person to person contact.

The old MSARS system still exists, but it's unreliable. You can still use it, but the recipient may not receive your email. If you want to know the reason why, then read on.

It's because some Internet service providers incorrectly regard the MSARS server as a source of spam and therefore block it without warning. I'm now responsible for the old MSARS system, but I'm afraid there is no easy way of fixing it at our end, because the problems lie with individual members ISP's, and not our system. If you don't receive email from the MSARS server, then YOU can fix it by contacting your email provider. If they can't or won't fix it, change your email provider and send me your new email address. If you can't be bothered, then don't moan about it not working. I will personally spend as much time as it takes to fix individual's problems at this end and make it work for you.

It's interesting to note that the email protocol is simply not designed to guarantee delivery of emails anyway. In that regard, it works just like Royal Mail!


In an unrelated matter, for those that are not yet aware, the new website is born. Same place. Access it here:

It is now fully mobile-friendly.

Hot of the presses is the announcement of some new functionality coming soon. You can pre-register for it now by visiting the new website, hover your cursor over the home button, and then click 'Members Only'.

It's going to provide the ability for you to contribute your own articles to the website directly. An idiots guide will be published by me to Groups.IO imminently.


Berni M0XYF

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