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M0TOT Alex

To John GM8JBJ,


Yes, 7 meters for 500 Watts. For us lesser mortals, who operate at only 100 Watts the ‘exclusion-zone’ appears to be 3 meters. The latter distance for my household  is fine, except for the  pigeons and  our chimney sweep as the antennas are on top of the roof!


Thanks for your comments.




Alex. M0tot


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Phil, Merv, you beat me to it. Sending now anyway...


Hi, I just wondered if anyone has read the consultation and responses? I was prompted by the article in this month's RadCom.


The consultation responses and a statement are at I notice this is dated October 2020, and I haven't looked for anything more recent.



It seems generally all benign - though I do need to give it a second read and follow the RadCom series. I guess RSGB expect that most of us will be able to compare our installations with their standard configurations (Stage 1 in the article), and tick the box.


If I'm interpreting right, 500 Watts at HF needs a safety distance of 7 metres from the antenna. The important point from the consultation is that Ofcom has rejected the argument that family can be excluded since they can be told not to go close. Interesting seeing the arguments. 


Anyway, no issue at this QTH, but I do wonder what would have happened in Newick, where my neighbours would have come routinely within 7m of the ends of the doublet. I'm sure I've contributed on occasion to their barbecue cooking. Here, I've already warned Sue not to go into the bottom 2m of the polytunnel!!


What does anyone else think? Anyone with problems complying? 






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