M0XYF Berni

OK, the new website is live. Knock yourselves out.

Big thanks to Tony who granted me use of all the existing photos, and to the guy who runs the server (I won't name him in case he doesn't want to be named) but many of you will know who I'm talking about. He's been very supportive. Thanks to Ken also who sent me a couple of bits to publish.

I'm pooped, so will be taking a break for a week or two. I've still got a few items to migrate over and then I'll be back hassling you big-time for all the photos and articles I've been promised but haven't yet receivedĀ  :)

If you can't find something from the old website on the new one, use the excellent 'search' function, top right.

Oh, and by the way... just in case some of you haven't worked it out yet, every email you send via Groups.IO is displayed on that website for everyone to see. That means EVERYONE. Furthermore, that 'data' - your email - is now 'ported' back to our own website. Want to say something controversial or negative via email? Be prepared to read it on the MSARS website nanoseconds later.

Just sayin'!

Berni M0XYF

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