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M0XYF Berni

Thanks Tony

On 19/01/2021 14:13, G3XQM Tony wrote:
Hi Berni,

Please help yourself to any of the images on the existing website. 



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Subject: [Msars] ATTENTION: Photo request for website
Hi all.

I've been plugging away at the new website, experimenting and tweaking.
It's going to have a simple, clean fresh look to start with, yet have
the ability to be easily re-themed (made-over) with new templates or
'skins' in the future.

What I find that I'm coming up short on though is high quality images to
make it look interesting and inviting.

I really want to continue to use the website as a shop window for the
club going forward, and try to generate as much interest as possible in
MSARS throughout Sussex and beyond.

That said, I'm pretty sure that you lot will already have a whole bunch
of media sitting around in your filing systems that deserve an outing on
the internet. I'd like you all to have a think and a rummage through
your photo folders and see if you have anything that might be worthy of

Some guidelines for you:

You MUST have outright ownership of the image rights. I don't want any
legal surprises in the future. Please be mindful of showing peoples
faces (or children) too, unless it's your own beautiful boatrace of course.

It must be original and professional. I don't just want some dusty
yellowing Polaroid of your battered old radio balanced on your open sock

It should be bright, colourful, hi-res and well framed - or include
something within it that meets those criteria that I can crop out.

I'm looking for a mix of vintage stuff, modern stuff, digital stuff,
construction projects, antennas, event-based stuff etc. etc. The more
varied the better. Outside photos tend to be good, as they're often
bright and cheery, and tend to have less slippers/toothpaste/baby photos
in the background.

Please see what you can do. I don't promise to use any given image, so
don't be offended if I don't publish your most treasured snapshot. All
images will be stored and possibly used in the future if the
theme/colour scheme/story or context calls for it.

Please send your images directly to me at msars@..., and
include a brief description of what they depict, in case I want to
incorporate them in a future article for example.

No time like the present - do it now!  :)


Berni M0XYF

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