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GJ6WRI Steve

Hi Dave. Yes, I had spoken to Jonathan. At least with email there is a paper audit that can be followed.  I involved Martin, but he just reminded me that he is semi retired. 
I’ve purchased two transceivers from them in the last 6 months, but they aren’t bothered. Their customer service had been good up to this point, but it seems if something goes amis after they have got the order and your money, then the toys come out. Too busy pretending to be tv presenters to deal with in-house problems. Martin’s email stated they were bound to mess up now and again! If that were me, I’d be looking to address the problem so it didn’t happen again!

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 Wow that's not good.

The odd thing is, I've dealt with them recently and their customer service has been second to none.

Have you spoken to someone there or have you been emailing?

Anyway good luck getting it sorted.

Dave M0LDP

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The Retailer Blues Update.


Update, there’s a joke!

They refuse to let me have my radio back which I desperately want. It is mine after all!

Again they say they have refunded me (which I don’t want) and that is a blatant lie.

The matter is now in the hands of the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre.


I find it a little strange that the ML&S address doesn’t come up on the Action Fraud system. Wessex House doesn’t exist?

Also, ML&S doesn’t exist on Trust Pilot? You can find them under hamradio though. There seems to be a peak of dissatisfied customers in October and December. Some shocking court history too.

Customer service used to be paramount. Now it seems to be “then go somewhere else”!


Anyway, the wallet will come out again tomorrow morning, and ill but another one from a “fresh” retailer.

Watch this space if you are in the market for an Icom 7610. If I end up with two, then I will move one on at a super price! (MSARS members only)


73 all. If I can find my webcam, you may see me on tonight’s Zoom!

Steve GJ6WRI

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Shocking Steve! Are you going to send the heavy's in? 


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Oops. Bounced back. Maybe I dent from the wrong email account.


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Good afternoon fellow members.

I have been horribly let down and treated by Martin Lynch and Sons, and I would like to ask your opinion of which retailer to go to next.

Basically, I ordered a7 610 for Christmas, and there was a minor delay in shipping, but when they did send it, via UPS, they didn’t send it with the correct paperwork, so after several days, UPS initiated a “Return to sender”. I didn’t even get to see the radio!

They wouldn’t credit me until they got the radio back from UPS and had time to check it? Check what? It hasn’t been out of it’s box (unless the UPS driver is a Ham HI).

Wanting the radio in time for Christmas, I placed and paid for a second radio. This time it did have the paperwork, but arrived with obvious signs of transit damage, but the radio seemed to work fine. Having reported the transit damage, I was informed the radio would be fine, and the damage done would have happened by the guys in the Icom factory.

THEY initiated the return, and now I’m left without a radio for which I have paid. They say they have refunded the money for the radio, but that is a blatant lie, and anyway, I don’t want a refund, I want my radio back please!!!

SO, do any of you have a strong preference of supplier, or is it you pay your money (again) and you take your choice?

Happy New Year to you all & 73

Steve GJ6WRI

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