Welcome to Moving Forward, a support and information group who people who have a loved one with borderline or narcissistic personality disorder and want to move forward with their life, whatever that means to them. I am so glad you found your way to us and I hope your time here will help ease your struggles.




As somebody who has been educating family members of people who have a family member with borderline or narcissistic disorder for 25 years, I constantly receive lengthy emails from people describing the tumultuous time they have had with their loved one. We all desperately need to tell our stories to be assured that we are not crazy or alone. That’s why we are here.


You will find that other people have journeyed along the same path you have. That’s true even if you think your story is unique. Moving Forward will give you the opportunity to talk to others going through the same thing, learn things you don’t know; help you better understand your loved one; and accept that you didn’t cause it, can’t cure it, and can’t control it. The group is free, but what get is worth thousands.  


My name is Randi Kreger, and I have written three books on borderline personality disorder: “stop walking on eggshells,” the “stop walking on eggshells workbook,” and “the essential family guide to BPD (the third is my best). I am currently working on “stop walking on eggshells for parents” and “stop walking on eggshells for partners. I will post a notice when those are available. My works are available in 14 languages and I am known as a top expert on family matters throughout the world.




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WIKI: If you go to, you can read all of the posts. On the left-hand side, you will see there is a column of options. On 13 down, you will see an option called “wiki.” The wiki is where we have culled 30 or 40 good posts or exercises for people who weren’t there when these were originally on the list. It also contains my bio and these guidelines. If you see an article you think should be in the wiki, send it to me by sending it to the list. (See “private posts,” above.)

ASK ME FOR INFO. If you don’t find the information you want, all you have to do is put my name at the TOP of a post and ask me to put together some information on a certain topic. 


 ZOOM SUPPORT GROUPS: We have ZOOM support group meetings. These are made possible by volunteers who host the group and who bought the zoom account for a year. They are Thursday nights at seven central and Saturday at two central. THE INFO ON HOW TO GET TO THE MEETING IS SENT OUT EACH WEEK. You can drop in or out as you see fit. On a scale of 1 to 10, their value to members have been 100.




PS: If you want to financially support the group, please buy a book  at If you want to support MF at a higher level, just contact me.




QUESTIONS/FEEDBACK: Part of the reason I have this group is as a focus group for when I have questions for people about how they experience their borderline family member. I do this research to write better books.

When I send out this type of post, I put the word “book” in the headline so you can skip it if you want. If you respond, you are saying it is OK to use your anonymous response in the book unless you say no..


COACHING: offer private coaching for a fee. YOU can contact me at rand at bpdcentral dot com or just send something to the list. I will intercept it. Again, just put “private to Randi” at the top of your post. 


THE GOLDEN RULE: Please treat everyone with respect and compassion. Remember that you’re only seeing a small part of someone at one point in time. I reserve the right to remove people who cause problems, although that has never been a problem here.


RELIGION: This is a “no missionary” list, meeting talk about religion as much as you want as regards to yourself and your situation, but don’t spring the “good news” on other list members unless they ask for feedback of a religious nature. It’s a personal thing.


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