This Group  brings together people who are interested in microscopy as a hobby or profession. Let's share tips on equipment, supplies and
procedures. Topics include collecting or culturing algae, protozoa, bacteria and other specimens. Although the emphasis is on light (optical)
microscopes, all technologies are welcome. Photomicrography discussions are encouraged. 
-Phil ( Founder);   updated -G.Couger 11.04.09

This Group is the direct sucessor to the Microscope Group on Yahoo, owned by the late David "Frez" Tetreault RIP 2/2016


An important part of this hobby is the buying and selling of gear. Such postings are permitted, but, please put the following in the Subject line of all such posts:
WTB = Wanted To Buy;  FS = For Sale;  FA = For Auction (as in eBay); FT = For Trade


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