Voice recital, Friday, June 3, 6 pm, ex-Colegio Jesuita, Pátzcuaro

Mark Emmer

Friday, June 3, at 6:00 pm, soprano Margarita Amaro's students will give a singing recital in the auditorium of the Centro Cultural Antiguo Colegio Jesuita. Free admission.

Organized by the Seminario de Cultura Mexicana's Pátzcuaro branch.

I don't know if the concert is exclusively by her students or whether she will sing as well.  Searching her name online, I found this description from 2008 when she was finishing her studies at the Conservatorio de Música de las Rosas in Morelia:


A video of a performance she gave in Morelia in March is on her FB page. Her singing begins at 17 minutes into the video.


-- Mark Emmer, Pátzcuaro