Mex and US CBD Oil Going North


Time for Fall trip to Tx. and Ia. so will be placing order for Mex CBD early next week so we can have it to distribute before we leave on Sept. 19th. We return last week of Oct. or 1st week of November so do the math and order accordingly so you don't run out, and I can return and order more then. I do have a substantial supply of USA CBD oil containing the same 1000mg of pure CBD as is in the Mex. Just almost no THC. Since I bought a large order in the Spring I received a discount and am passing it along so the bottle of US is 900p. A good time to add to your daily input of pure CBD to increase your daily dose to 30mg of pure CBD which is generally  recommended for full mind and body benefits. Take .50ml Mex CBD before bedtime and not experience any high but receive added sleep help from higher THC levels. Take .50ml US next morning to fulfill total CBD benefits for best all around well being. All so do not forget that CBD oil is a very powerful anti-inflamatory which is important in these times of Covid.
I have added 100mg of pure CBD to my topical cream to bring it up to 300mg total and is working very well on arthritus and other muscle and joint pain. Don't forget your whole family. The pet CBD oil has provided remarkable results with our 12 year old small poodle mix so much so that she acts as though she is a puppy again. I highly recommend it for any pets who are showing signs of hip and other joint pain. I can figure out the correct dosage based on the pets weight.
Please do not delay contacting me privately on line so you are not disappointed and end up running out.
Best Regards, Your neighborhood drug dealer.

John Cercone

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