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The Michoacan Net supports the Arts in Mexico. We are a Forum for ex-pats and those interested in cultural events around the country, focusing on the Lake Patzcuaro area, including Morelia, all of Michoacan and Mexico.

At the Michoacan Net, the emphasis is the Arts of Michoacan. Every aspect of the arts is covered, from book reviews to restaurant critiques, from paintings to batiks and from green ecology to recycling. The arts are supported, from performing arts to culinary arts. If a restaurant, bar or cafe presents entertainment, the entertainers behind the microphone will get our support. If any establishment has a gallery opening, the artist who held the paintbrush gets our support. If dedicated individuals want to guide us in meditation or guide us through a field of birds, those people get our support. If you have something to offer, we will support you.

The Michoacan Net is about the arts, activities and advice. If it happens in Michoacan, you will hear about it here. The Art of Living in Mexico is a major part of The Michoacan Net. While there are no commercial posts, if members know of a garage or tag sale, post it to the group. Art and Craft shows are essential for artists. If members have something (land, home, autos, animals, etc.) that could be recycled, re-sold or re-gifted, let us know.

There will be no political discussions, but current event discussions about Michoacan are welcome, as long as they do not deal with Mexican politics. There are no personal attacks because everyone is treated like a friend.  We support the expat community. 

The Arts in Michoacan are everywhere! If someone creates a better life for someone else, we want them to be part of our group. The Michoacan Net is for us and we are for the Arts. When you join The Michoacan Net, you join the Arts of Mexico.

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