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Week 4: Feb. 2–7 – Supporting data analysis and interpretation + Making a mentoring plan   Webinar 4 – Sun Feb 2, 15:30 (UTC)

  • Supporting teachers to analyse and interpret data
  • A planning task involving consideration of who to mentor and establishment of a timeline and effective communications 

Suggested activities for this week:

1. Watch the recording of webinar 4 if you couldn't be there 'live':
2. Read Chapters 10–11 of Mentoring teachers to research their classrooms - in the 'Files' area

3. If you are currently mentoring someone to do teacher-research, or if you have mentored teacher-research in the past, share some issues (and perhaps research questions) that you think it might be useful / interesting / urgent (etc.) for you to research in relation to this experience, here:,,,20,0,0,0::relevance,,%23week4,20,2,0,70928849,ct=1&ct=1

4. By the end of the EVO (i.e. by 15 February), draft a realistic plan for your future mentoring -– you can use the template in ‘Files’ for this if you wish.  Share your completed plans and/or drafts and/or comments/questions about planning in,,,20,0,0,0::relevance,,%23week4,20,2,0,70928901,ct=1&ct=1


The webinar to introduce the final week's work will be on Saturday 8th February at 14:30 UTC (find out what time this is where you are here), in the same Adobe Connect room as usual: