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Mentoring teacher-research EVO 2020 – Week 0: Jan 5–11: While-waiting warm-up

Before we begin Week 1 activities on January 11, please ... 

1) Make sure you've signed up and logged in (top right hand corner of this screen). Under your name in the top right hand corner of this screen, set your Account Preferences, Security and Identity (please upload your photo and enter your 'Display name' and 'Location' under 'Identity' too!) 

2) Introduce yourself briefly and get to know other participants in this space:

3) Browse some of the readings and videos about teacher-research and mentoring that we've made available below.


Our first webinar will be on Saturday 11th January at 14:30 (UTC) - find out what time this is where you are here.

You will be able to access the webinar at:

Please enter the webinar as 'Guest', writing your full name. Don't worry if you can't make it - we'll make a recording available here afterwards.


Below there are some freely available resources about teacher-research – and (separately) about mentoring. You might like to browse these before we start next weekend.


From Week 1 onwards we'll focus specifically on how to mentor teacher-research.


Resources about teacher-research


For examples of how to present teacher-research, action research and/or exploratory action research to teachers, here are some resources which are freely available online:


A Handbook for Exploratory Action Research by Richard Smith and Paula Rebolledo. London: British Council, 2018.


‘Getting started with Action Research’: webinar by Emily Edwards for IATEFL Research SIG, January 2018.


An introduction to Exploratory Action Research’: webinar by Richard Smith for UNRWA teachers in Gaza, September 2018.


One book which provides examples of teachers doing (exploratory) action research is:


Champion Teachers: Stories of Exploratory Action Research, edited by Paula Rebolledo, Richard Smith and Deborah Bullock. London: British Council, 2016.


There are other books of teachers’ stories on the IATEFL Research SIG website.


There is a good list of further open access resources on the International Festival of Teacher-research in ELT website.



Resources about mentoring


Here are some freely available online sources containing further information about mentoring in general:


A Learning Guide for Teacher Mentors. State Government Victoria, East Melbourne Melbourne: State of Victoria (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development), 2010.


‘Mentoring teachers: an interview with Angi Malderez’ by Loreto Aliaga. Bellaterra Journal of Teaching & Learning Language & Literature 11/3: 109–122, 2018.


The Terrors of Judgementoring’ – lecture by Andrew Hobson, 7 December 2016.