sticky Re: Week 1 (1): Video and activities #week1

Elizabeth Bekes

Hi Richard, I also look forward to Inés' clarification on this point, especially, because when I read the words "without disrupting them 'too much'", it reminded me of another aspect in (Exploratory) Action Research, namely, how mentors can facilitate the setting up of classroom research without 'too much' disruption in the normal teaching-learning process, and how they can encourage teacher-researchers to incorporate the data gathering into their classroom activities and routines. For example, a survey questionnaire can be administered by students asking each other in pairs, and a focus group discussion can be set up as an oral practice exercise in conversation skills and argumentation using English as a means rather than a goal.

These Pedagogically Exploitable Pedagogic-Research Activities (PEPRAs) are explained in detail in the book by Dikilitaş and Bostancıoğlu reviewed by my teacher-research mentees for ELT Journal. Available at: The relevant book chapter can be requested from the authors on ResearchGate at

I found the ideas contained in that chapter helpful when discussing time management and research demand issues with my teacher-researcher colleagues.

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