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Mariana Serra

Dear all,

What I find most challenging when mentoring teachers are the following issues...

a-guiding teachers to develop their research questions and 
b-supporting them so that they become autonomous while making their explorations.

What has been helpful for you in overcoming challenges?

a-Asking my mentees questions about their context, about the issue they want to explore, about their colleagues' opinions, their students' behaviour during synchronous online meetings or face-to-face encounters.
 - Co-mentoring has also been very helpful for me, especially when I have worked with a more experienced partner (observing, listening to him/her, taking down notes on his/her questions...)
- Reading and reflecting on other mentors' feedback to mentees when we are all working on the same platform and we can read each other's comments (agreeing with Sidney).

b-Providing feedback through questions, helping mentees reflect by suggesting different options and letting them make their own choices.

Have a nice Monday!
That's all for now! 🌺
Kind regards to everyone, Mariana Serra

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Thank you Sidney,

It was very nice talking to you. I have the feeling that I will learn a lot from you.


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Hi everyone!
happy to see you all there. I am going to break the ice and answer the questions that you will find in Week 1:
[If you have mentored teachers to do research] 
What is challenging for you in mentoring teachers to research their classrooms? 
I think that formulating the research question is a challenge. I think that knowing the teacher's context helps in order to fine tune the question...

What has been helpful for you in overcoming challenges?

Asking other fellow mentors for help and sharing experiences, all of which helps build a sense of community, very much needed nowadays.

Take care!


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