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Mariana Serra

Hello everyone 🌸 ,

My name is Mariana Serra and I am an Argentinian teacher of English and a licentiate in English.

In 2018 and 2019 I participated as a moderator during Classroom-based Research 2018/2019 and as a lead moderator during Classroom-based Research 2020 and 2021 with wonderful partners such as Asli Saglam, Lidia Casalini and Ruben Mazzei. This year Ruben and I are offering a new edition of Classroom-based research for Professional Development EVO 2022 together with an international team of moderators and guest speakers. I have also attended Mentoring teacher-research EVO 2020 led by Richard Smith and Seden E. Tuyan.

As regards my expectations, I want to go on learning from Seden E. Tuyan, Erzsébet Á.Békés (Eli), Richard Smith and all the participants in this community. Sharing is also a key factor to me! Thanks for inviting me to stay my dear lead-moderators!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! 🌺

Warm wishes, Mariana Serra

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