Re: Handbook published - and recording of Seden and my 'Best of EVO' presentation!

Mariana Serra

Dear Richard, Elizabeth and members of this wonderful group,
                               same as Elizabeth, I've read about the series of webinars organized by British Council India and they are very interesting! If they are not recorded , how can we manage in South America?  India is 8.30 hours ahead of Argentina. Do you think Richard that  Elizabeth's idea of having a joint session is possible?
                        Kind regards, Mariana Serra- Argentina

El dom., 3 may. 2020 a las 12:55, Maria Marta Mora via (<>) escribió:
Thank you, Richard. It was wonderfully clear during the EVO. And now there's the book! Wow! Everything together in one book. Fantastic! Thank you again. Eager to keep reading and learning!

Maria Marta Mora

El dom., 3 de may. de 2020 a la(s) 12:41, Elizabeth Bekes via
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Dear All,

Excellent news that we now have access to the full version, thoughtful and appealingly laid out (oh, the guy on the left on Page 10!!!)...

You may know that BC India are organising an ARMS conference starting tomorrow where mentors talk about how they supported their teacher-researchers and how they carried out their own research into mentoring.

The schedule is such that those of us in South America would find it really difficult to join the zoom sessions (which are NOT recorded). When I inquired, the organisers said that they would consider setting up a 'live' session with a couple of mentors, to share our experiences (I mentioned my own mentoring programme and the possibility of co-authoring a book chapter on our multi-layered mentoring scheme in Ecuador). But why should I be the only beneficiary?

Perhaps we could have a joint session where members of this .io group could listen to / watch short presentations, and then exchange notes with the Indian contingent.

So much good work has gone on in India and Nepal, but similarly in South America. Perhaps it's time we joined forces and expanded our horizons by linking up.

Richard, you are at the heart of all this, how do you think we should move forward?

I look forward to everyone's comments, our group has gone quiet (understandably), let's see if there is any 'demand' to reinvigorate it.

Be well, stay safe,


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thanks Richard for sharing!
take care and stay safe!!


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Missatge de Richard Smith <r.c.smith@...> del dia dg., 3 de maig 2020 a les 17:04:

Dear Mentoring Teacher-research EVO participants, 

This is just to say, in case you missed my announcement in the Facebook group, that the materials we used as a basis for the EVO have now been published (finally!). You can download and find out more about the book – Mentoring Teachers to Research Their Classrooms: A Practical Handbook – here:
Secondly, again in case you missed it in the Facebook group, there's a recording of a talk by Seden about our EVO here (this was for an online 'Best of EVOs' conference in early april:

Hope you're as well as can be! I'll contact you again soon with a proper message to see how we can take things forward as a community in these changed circumstances

best wishes


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