Re: #week2 Mentor a particular teacher to select an issue and develop research questions - and share your reflections please! #week2

Mariana Serra

Hi everyone!
                     thanks Elizabeth Bekes for your feedback to my week 1 post! Loved it! 

                      I have requested permission from one of the teachers who is taking part in EVO 2020 Classroom-based research for Professional Development to write my post on our mentoring dialogue while guiding her to develop her research questions after having elicited the problematic situation she wants to explore (mentoring conversation: one-to-one conversation by replying to each other in our content site).
- Selecting a topic: It was not difficult for her to identify her main focus which is related to way/s to help her secondary school students use online translation tools for good purposes during her English lessons (thanks Ruben for helping her elicit it, too). 
- Creating research questions: I am guiding her right now to link her pedagogical purpose to research questions, i.e. she is reflecting on the specific questions that would go under her purpose. In order to create her exploratory research questions she is now thinking of questions which explore her own perceptions, her secondary school students' perceptions and perhaps behaviour (esp. her students' behaviour).

                    I believe that an effective mentor-mentee relationship is in essence dialogical. By meaningful dialogues with our mentees we can support and guide them on the way(s) to explore a particular concern. These dialogues encourage engagement with the realities that teachers face in their teaching contexts and provide opportunities during which both of us, mentors and mentees learn and develop.

                    That's for now!
                    Looking forward to reading more reflections! :)
                    Kind regards, Mariana Serra

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