Re: #week2 Mentor a particular teacher to select an issue and develop research questions - and share your reflections please! #week2


Hello all,
As i have already shared i am working with a group of teachers from the university i work at (UNAE) in Ecuador. We are in the exploration stage of AC. the group of four teachers and 2 students i am working with are still trying to specify the problem the are having in their classrooms. So this week and next week i am observing each teacher, if possible at least 2 times and the students will also observe them and they will observe each other. We are then planning on meeting and discussing our observations to help them figure out what is  the problem they are haivng in the classroom based on their initial ideas. After this stage, hopefully by the second week of Feb. we will be able to start forming the research questions. Our term is currently ending so we will use this coming month to create a good research question, objectives and a plan. they willl conduct research in the new semester. 

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