Re: #week2 When should a mentor of teacher-research be directive, if at all? #week2

Elizabeth Bekes

Richard has posed an important question and, in her message, Rossana gives good examples of when a more directive approach might be good. I wholly identify with the deadlines aspect. Last week, we had about 8 hours left to submit a small research grant application and some quick thinking and firm direction was required. I set up the 'activity' so that each group member was working on a task: one on finding a couple of references and knocking them into APA format, another two filling in the form and discussing the exact wording of our responses, while I was hovering around. In the final stages, our native-speaker member had a good read through (we told her we could do it, but for us, NNESTs, it would take longer. There was a sense of immediacy about this authentic task, which seemed to energise these teacher educators: the image I shared in the last webinar intended to catch that mood.

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