Re: #Week1 ‘What are your experiences, hopes, expectations, plans, questions regarding mentoring teacher-research? #week1

Ruben Mazzei

Hello Richard, Seden and all the teachers participating in this wonderful workshop

I am Ruben Mazzei, from Argentina. As I posted the the FB group, I have started (last term) to implement E.A.R at the University of Buenos Aires where I coordinate as an Adjunct Professor the EAP critical reading and academic literacies course. I share below the post on FB: 

I have started implementing EAR at the University of Buenos Aires in the Chair I coordinate as an Adjunct Professor - EAP critical reading and academic literacies. Teachers are now implementing something little to start with, identifying an issue to explore and developing their exploratory questions and next week they will start implementing some actions to observe their explorations. There are 15 teachers carrying out the EAR and at the same time I am mentoring the 6 coordinators that guide the teachers in their work, so the mentoring is twofold for me: the coordinators and teachers. To guide their selection of the issues to explore (and considering this is the first time they have done EAR), I proposed the following areas within which teachers could frame their concerns:
Una actividad del booklet (an activity from the course booklet)
Una estrategia didáctica (a teaching strategy)
Una estrategia de lectura (a reading strategy)
La interacción de un recurso gramatical con el género discursivo (en el contexto de la lectura y comprensión del texto) (the interaction of a grammatical resource with a genre - in the context of reading comprehension)
Presentación de un género discursivo (how to present a genre)
Una dinámica de la clase (a class dynamics)
Teachers have come up with very interesting topics to explore and we hope to have a general poster or pecha kucha presentations in our end-of-term meeting in December so we will also be able to share the results with you.
We are progressing well, but, as teachers have never heard of EAR or implemented it, at the beginning they did not get the idea very well but little by little they have selected their issues to explore and produced their exploratory questions and the "how" of the implementation, so I am happy that this is moving on and it is foregrounding teachers´ CPD.
Warm regards

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