Week 2 webinar and activities - overview #week2

Richard Smith

Today we had a webinar on Guiding teachers to select a topic and develop research questions - the recording is now available for those who couldn't make it. Thanks to Elizabeth Bekes for being our guest mentor this week. The recording link, and instructions for this week (week 2 of the EVO on 'Mentoring teacher-research') are below:

Week 2:  Jan. 19-25 – Developing topics and questions  / Webinar – Sun. 19 January, 14:30 (UTC)

Welcome to week 2! 

  • Getting teachers interested in doing teacher-research
  • Helping teachers to select a topic 
  • Guiding teachers to develop research questions

To do: 

1. Watch the recording of webinar 2 if you couldn't be there 'live': http://iatefl.adobeconnect.com/p8bu48bi02xh/
2. Read chapters 7 to 8 of Mentoring teachers to research their classrooms - in the 'Files' area
3. Do the following activity - 'Identifying areas of uncertainty through mentoring dialogue' - in the 'Files' area
4. Mentor a particular teacher / colleague to select a topic relating to their current teaching, and guide them to develop research questions for teacher-research. [Ideally, record your conversation – with permission – and listen back to analyse and/or reflect on it]
5. Share and critically reflect on this experience, from any point of view you like, here: https://groups.io/g/Mentoring-TR/topic/week2_mentor_a_particular/69913093?p=,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,69913093


[Our next webinar - on 'Supporting data collection, analysis and interpretation' - will be on Sunday 26 January at 14:30 UTC (find out what time this is where you are here), in the same Adobe Connect room as last time:  http://iatefl.adobeconnect.com/resigwebinars

Enter as a 'Guest' and write your full name]

[this information is copied from https://groups.io/g/Mentoring-TR/wiki/Week-2-%E2%80%93--starting-Jan.-19-%E2%80%93-Developing-topics-and-questions

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