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Elizabeth Bekes

:-) I had another very sweet thing happen yesterday. We were talking about the need for setting up a round of observation sessions (to be done by colleagues and our student co-researchers). One of the teachers said that she had problems with her non-English degree students, who need a B1 level to graduate, but have no interest in the language whatsoever. When the potential observer (student) was trying to find a time that is best for both of them, the teacher said "I'm going to take you to the class I have most problems with". I thought that showed an enormous amount of trust. Isn't your reflex to take your colleagues / invite your line manager to a class that is doing well? No, she wanted to share the one that causes the biggest headache for her. Everyone could see that this was slightly unusual / funny, so we had a good laugh about it. I'm so curious what they will find out!

On Friday, 17 January 2020, 05:37:09 GMT-5, Anastasiia Gubarenko <anastasiia.en@...> wrote:

Thank you, dear Elizabeth, for sharing your experience and co-working with others!

I enjoyed reading your post. Really inspiring :)
Keep being tuned!
That's so precious that your mentees are so responsive, flexible and open-minded - the more, the better!



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