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Elizabeth Bekes

Dear All, I just want to share with you the experience I had today with two of the three groups of teacher educators. Last week I asked them to read the first three chapters of the Handbook for Exploratory Action Research. In our meetings, several teachers said that they were pleasantly surprised about and very happy with the book. They had never thought teacher research can be explained in such straightforward and "non-threatening" manner. They said they were able to relate to the stories told by other teachers, the language was clear and concise; suddenly, they felt research did not appear to be so daunting. Since the manuscript of the Mentoring Handbook that Richard is sharing with us follows the philosophy, the topics and the layout of the EAR Handbook, it is an essential resource, not just for this "course", but for your future work with your mentees. If you only have time for one book, this should be it. (I am aware that many of you know it inside out, but still.) For mentoring, I found the Angi Malderez interview well-reasoned, informative and full of passion. As it happens, she was my British Council Summer School teacher in Exeter in 1983, and I only saw her again last year in Istanbul after about 35 years. The passion of that young lady has only grown, I can tell you :-) ...

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