Re: #week1 What is challenging in mentoring teachers to research their classrooms? How can these difficulties be overcome? Your replies, please! #week1

Richard Smith

Hi Anastasiia, since you've asked me a direct question I shall answer it! These days I'm mainly involved mentoring mentors, and the most challenging thing is (sometimes) communication, as I'm doing it at a distance, especially these days with colleagues in Nepal. I also worry if I contact them enough and sometimes there are problems with internet connection, so we have to be flexible. But they are very resilient, and I get joy from seeing them becoming more independent. I also think a vacuum is often filled if there's a good overall structure and people know basically where they're going - these days I don't interfere to control things as much as I used to, and I reckon that's what enables people to become more autonomous, less dependent. Does it make sense? 

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